About the CRISS


The primary object of the Research Centre on Integration in Social and Health Services (CRISS) is to promote, test and spread the development of innovation in the field of social and health integration. This is pursued through different methods, tecniques, knowledge and skills, which aim to establich a laboratory for analyzing clinical, sociological, legal, anthropological and historical phenomena related to institutional, organizational and professionali responses to social and health needs oh the population.

Through the provision of scientific support in the field of social and health integration, CRISS promotes partnerships with other universites, research centers and private bodies, to enable international scientific exchanges, training, consulting, research, and planning. Given the diversity that characterizes different subjects, research for individual projects takes an interdisciplinary approach, which supports collaboration by researchers with different areas of expertise.

The principal research interests of CRISS cover the following themes:

  • the family;
  • services and professions;
  • training and education in the fields of health and social care;
  • management of health and social care services;
  • health and social inequalities;
  • chronic conditions and inability to self-care.

Over the years, for each oh these main fields many research projects have benn undertaken; the results of which have been disseminated throught public meetings, seminars and conferences as well as throught national and international publications.